LMI Gocator 2600

Gocator 2600

LMI Gocator 2600

These factory pre-calibrated sensors come equipped with custom optics and a powerful 9-megapixel imager to deliver 4200 data points per profile for high-resolution 3D scanning and inspection across wide fields of view.


1. Overview about LMI Gocator 2600

  • 9-megapixel imager
  • 4200 Points Per Profile for High-resolution measurement
  • X Resolutions Up to 0.018 mm (at 71 mm FOV)
  • Fields of View Up to 2 M (at 0.55 mm X-resolution)
  • On-sensor Measurement Tools and I/O Connectivity
  • Native Multi-sensor Alignment and Networking Support

2. What is outstanding about the LMI Gocator 2600


The Gocator® 2600 Series laser profilers use a 4K+ imager to generate high-resolution profile and surface data for measurement of microscopic features such as defect detection (e.g., dents) on EV battery modules.


The Gocator® 2600 Series models offer fields of view up to 2 m to address a broad range of scanning applications. Increased field of view is beneficial when you need to scan larger objects, or many objects positioned across a larger area (e.g. rows of baked goods travelling on a wide conveyor).


Gocator® offers native support for multi-sensor networks from 2 sensors up to 24, with on-sensor pairing, pointand-click alignment, and automatic image stitching. After scanning, Gocator® outputs a single, high-density 3D point cloud ready for measurement. Users can even capture 360° of a scan target, or multiple views, by mixing different 2600 sensor models that optimize for field of view and resolution.

3.Reasons to choose the LMI Gocator 2600 series

Pre-calibrated to scan out of the box

All of LMI’s Gocators are factory calibrated so they’re very easy and quick to deploy with accurate measurements right from the get-go.

Precision inspection at high speeds

See and do more with micron resolution and faster scan rates. Take advantage of the higher speed by enabling multiple exposures to measure high-contrast targets at production speed. With an X resolution down to 8 μm, small features such as edges or gaps can be easily measured.

A large field of view and measurement range

Accomplish more with fewer sensors, while still capturing the finest surface and edge details with a large field of view. A large measurement range lets you handle a wider variety of parts.

Scan specular and diffuse surfaces simultaneously

The 2500 series is able to scan surfaces with varying reflective and absorptive finished simultaneously. With optical designs that have been engineered for superior glass scanning, the profilers can handle a wide range of setups.

For example, the sensor can generate a precision 3D scan of a cell phone’s cover glass in a surrounding metal or plastic frame, inspecting critical assembly tolerances such as flushness, gap, and offset.

4. About Provider LMI Technologies

Since 1998, LMI Technologies has worked to advance 3D smart sensor technology for fast and accurate measurement. LMI flagship Gocator and FocalSpec product lines help factories achieve 100% inspection, reduce waste by optimization, and improve efficiency by simplifying automation.

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