3D Vision For Robot

What is 3D vision Inspection

With 3D vision technology the shape of an object can be captured, as opposed to 2D which only captures contrast. The (extra) height information can be very valuable when determining the quality of a part in its production process. 3D shape measures geometric features on a surface regardless of surface color.

Other 3D vision methods are:

  • Structured light
  • LaserScanner

3D vision technology is used because it provides

  • Volumetric measurement (X,Y, and Z-axis) for shape and position related parameters
  • Contrast invariant measurements, ideal for inspecting low contrast objects
  • Immunity to minor lighting variation or ambient light
  • Higher repeatability due to integrated optics, lighting, and pre-calibration
  • Simpler to build multi-sensor setups for large object inspection


Smart Cobot is a strategic partner of prestigious suppliers in the world such as LMI Technologies, Mech-mind, photoneo, Riftek

Our team of experienced engineers promises to bring 3D vision inspection solutions to solve difficult problems for customers.

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