Smart Vision Sensors


Smart Vision Sensors


  • Object detection
  • Measurement
  • Identification
  • Positioning

255 Jobs with 255 detectors each

  • Position tracking X/Y and orientation
  • Pattern matching, Contour, Contour 3D, Target Mark 3D: teach-in and detection of patterns, contours and 3D poses
  • Calliper: distance between edges
  • BLOB, Grey, Brightness: evaluation of brightness
  • Contrast: evaluation of contrast
  • Barcode: reading 1D bar codes, EAN, UPC, RSS, 2/5 Interleaved, 2/5 Industrial, code 32, code 39, code 93, code 128, GS1, pharm code, codabar;
  • Datacode: reading 2D codes: ECC200, QR code, GS1, PDF 417; OCR reading of fonts
  • Result processing: Text, Math: checking and calculating with results from detectors



Smart vision sensors represent a niche in machine vision where high performance in terms of frame rates, processing speed, and flexibility is the most essential feature. With the integration of photosensitive devices with processing elements on one and the same substrate it is possible to reach high performance at low complexity and low cost.

Smart vision sensors provide basic image processing and are the ideal choice for less complex imaging and machine vision tasks.

  1. ations of Smart vision sensor

Quality control tasks

  • Checking and inspection of object geometries (e.g., height measurement of seals, inspection of surfaces, etc.)
  • Inline quality controls of object geometry in the 1/10 mm range


  • Axial diameter measurements
  • Edge, crack and gap and flush measurements
  • Image-based dimensional measurements
  • Robot positioning to the last mm

Pick & place 

  • Determination and verification of object positions and location
  • Check for object overlays and grabber clearance
  • Control of free rest positions
  • Robot-supported quality control
  • Image-based location of objects, also several objects at the same time
  1. Benefits of Smart vision sensor

Compact all-in-one solutions

The smart profile sensors from Baumer offer powerful 2D measurement performance in the XY or XZ direction with very easy handling, integrated into a compact sensor. The compact industrial-grade housing of VeriSens vision sensors also contains everything you need for image-based inline inspections, product identification, and robot control.

Simple handling and implementation

Whether intuitive web interface or convenient application suite, our smart vision and profile sensors are quickly set up and can be very easily adjusted to individual applications – without any programming effort and during ongoing production. Even the collaborative robots (cobots) from Universal Robots can be controlled by VeriSens within only a few minutes of setting up.


Thanks to our large selection of interfaces and compatibility with various protocols (e.g., PROFINET, Modbus TCP, IO-Link, EtherNet/IP), you can quickly, easily, and optimally integrate our sensors into existing systems. In addition, OPC UA allows the direct connection to IT and cloud services. The VeriSens URCap is the convenient connection between Universal Robots and smart vision sensors.

  1. About SmartCobot

SmartCobot is a group of talent engineers with experience in robotic, computer vision and automation.

From the beginning, the company has focused its efforts on the development and commercialization of technologies which support human operator in factory. We strongly believe that humans are irreplaceable in the majority of manufacturing tasks. The mission of SmartCobot is providing the best solution in improving of operators’ working conditions and the increase of theirs efficiency and productivity. The enhancement of human operators allows to keep them in the center of manufacturing process while increasing company competitiveness.

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