Smart Cobot Hợp tác chiến lược cùng Công ty CP Ấn Hồng

Nằm trong mục tiêu tăng cường hợp tác tiếp xúc, gia tăng lợi thế cạnh tranh,Công ty Cổ Phần Smart Cobot ký kết biên bản hợp tác chiến lược cùng  Công Ty Cổ Phần Ấn Hồng.  Smart Cobot là đơn vị tự động hóa với sản phẩm cung cấp chính là Machine Vision, 2D vision […]


Mech-Mind’s holistic AI + 3D vision solution is now part of the UR+ ecosystem. Like all products in the UR+ ecosystem, Mech-Mind’s AI + 3D vision solution has been extensively tested for compatibility and integration capabilities with Universal Robots cobots. With the plug-and-play URCap, UR cobots can now be even more easily integrated into the […]


What are automated dispensing systems? Automated dispensing systems involve programming robots to complete repetitive tasks such as applying coatings, adhesives, paints, wax, or other materials according to your specifications. Multiple large industries have successfully integrated robotics into their dispensing processes, benefiting from the precision and efficiency that automated dispensing systems offer. For example of dispensing:  […]

Pick & Place

Through simple programming, the control of the robot body can be realized, which can replace the manual labor to the greatest extent and free up human hands. Improving production efficiency and product quality. It can quickly complete the second deployment of the production line to achieve efficient, realizing high-quality, and flexible completion of loading and […]


Welding is a notorious source Welding is a notorious source of workplace accidents, injuries, and long-term adverse effects for humans. Waste gas, arc light and threats such as fire and electric shocks make it dangerous for even the most experienced workers. Automation of welding stands to alleviate these concerns For example: Why Automate Welding Routine […]

Quality Inspection

Cobots can come in handy for quality testing and inspection in many industries. For example, a robot can place objects in a testing device and then sort them. Think about circuit boards or samples in a laboratory. Thanks to vision technology, there are also opportunities for a cobot to perform visual inspections. What is outstanding […]


What are the application of assembly robot? Assembling is a common process in various industries that includes screwing and assembling / installing components. With the use of a collaborative robot (cobot) this process can be easily automated, significantly improving productivity and quality on the assembling line. At the same time, employee safety is ensured, especially […]


Palletizing collaborative robots (cobots) are being leveraged in numerous industries to optimize fulfillment processes. Packaging cobots, often used for lightweight operations, place objects or products in cases or trays. Case palletizing collaborative robot systems have compact, streamlined designs that deliver both precision and speed for the stacking of boxes, bottles, bags, pallets, and cartons ranging […]


What is outstanding about the application packaging of cobot Meeting strict packing standards, packaging and palletizing cobots offer an effective, mistake-free solution to the demands of ergonomically unfavorable, repetitive work. They help to avoid employee injuries by facilitating the lifting of heavy loads with the assistance of lightweight collaborative robotic arms. By drag & graphic […]

Screw Driving

What is outstanding about the application Screw Driving of cobot Cobots are a good solution for automating screw processes. There are various screwdriver tools that a cobot can work with, and thanks to the built-in sensors, screws are tightened very precisely and with the right force. Most collaborative robots are accurate to within 0.1mm, and because […]